The core of FIXO’s research and development activity and one of the production platforms are based in our Headquarters in Italy, from where the Chinese production platform is being supervised. Our technology as well as our unique expertise is transmitted to China. However, the production centres are independent of each other and work autonomously in meeting the local technical and qualitative needs paying great attention to quality standards, to the regulations in force and to social and environmental issues.

A constant daily exchange of information aptly coordinated by the FIXO staff ensures continuous updating of data concerning services as well as commercial and technical aspects. Our Sales Department staff coordinates all requests and needs of our customers and transmits these values to our production platforms in order to ensure a flawless processing from the receipt of the request up to the handling of delivery.

Thanks to our experience and long time partnerships with international companies of great prestige we have established the internationalization project FIXO GLOBAL BRAND offering an all-round customer care and logistic support. The service includes planning of delivery schedules with clients and the management of each project from various points of view: administrative assistance, technical support, organization of article coding as well as selection of the best transport system according to the production platforms.


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